Doctoral Graduate Research Poster Session

The Doctoral Graduate Research Poster Session is a forum for graduating doctoral students to present their original research to a community of peers and scholars.  In this virtual format, doctoral graduates describe their research project and provide details about the research design, data collection, and findings via a pre-recorded presentation.

Assessing Suicidal Youth Engaged in Social Media: A handbook for clinicians  

Teresa Bowman

Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Member Caregivers: An Exploration of Lived Experiences

Crystal Kelley

Creating a Leadership Development for Nurse Leaders to Address the Problem of Burnout in the Healthcare Setting

Susan Strickland

Learning Management System Advanced Functionality: Challenges and Best Practices - A Delphi Study

Jennifer Hill

Organizational Culture and the Representation of Black Women in Senior-Level Federal Government Positions: A Case Study

Maurice White

Perception of Mental Health Care In Ghana: A Descriptive Study

Elias-Bright Fleka

Self-Care for Mental Health Professionals: A Systematic Literature Review

Shyra Jones

The Influence of School Principals' Communications Styles on Experienced Teachers' Job Satisfaction

Markethia Mull

Understanding Perceived Fairness in Eminent Domain: The Case of Texas Energy Pipelines

James Lester

Understanding the Values and Communication Preferences of Generation Z: An Exploratory Case Study

Delia De Jesus